Thanks to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), you will find the answers to your questions and you will be able to configure your new email address. If you have a problem, please contact our support.

Is my account secure?

Your account is secure, reliable, sure. It is hosted in Switzerland by the largest and most serious host, Infomaniak.

In addition, all communication between the server and your email software, device or webmail can be secured by SSL. Be sure to enable it if it is not enabled by default.

What is the name of the server?

For both incoming and outgoing emails, the server is: mail.infomaniak.ch

Use the default ports, secured in SSL.

Which ports are compatible

The ports are 993 for IMAP SSL, 587 for SMTP SSL.

We recommend that you do not use the POP3 protocol, which is outdated and does not allow you to synchronize different accounts.

All details for the other configurations here.

How much does it cost?

 Only € 18/year.

Seulement CHF 14.40/an.


How to pay / cancel / terminate

You pay when you order. The amount is reserved. The subscription begins when your account is activated and is renewed each year.

If a special offer mentions it, your subscription may start after a free period only.

You can cancel at any time. Your account will remain active until it expires. There is no partial refund.

Before a renewal, you will receive an email to your communication address. You then have time to terminate it.

Payment methods

You can pay by credit card or Apple Pay (if available). There are no additional costs for you.

Normally, all credit cards are accepted.

You can terminate your subscription at any time. Your account will remain active until it expires, i.e. 1 year after the last payment. If you want to delete it faster, contact our support. However, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Why do I need to provide another email address?

We must send you your login information! In addition, you will receive billing information on this address.

Even if you no longer wish to use another email address, you need a different communication address than @suremail.eu.

It is imperative not to forward your mail and delete it directly from your other account: suppose your account is suspended; if you do not receive our message with explanations and procedure, your account will be deleted.

Why do I need to keep another address?

It is imperative to keep an email address for communication! This is our only way to contact you in case of suspension of your account (for a billing problem, blocking due to hacking or spam, etc…). If you no longer wish to use your current address, do not provide it anymore, but keep it for our communication, or create a free address at your supplier.

If you forward your messages to your @suremail.eu address – our messages will be lost if your @suremail.eu account is suspended; it is better not to forward the messages OR keep their original copies.

Only you are responsible for remaining reachable.


Which devices and applications are compatible

All of them.

Any email client that supports standard IMAP (or POP3, not recommended) and SMTP ports can use your account. It is highly recommended to use SSL security for both IMAP and SMTP to ensure the security of transmitted data.

Some examples: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC with Outlook, tablet or recent android phone.

How can I use my account?

Your @suremail.eu email is easy to configure. When you send emails, this address is used. But you can also use other accounts on your device or applications.

You will find the necessary technical details in the FAQ or in your welcome email.

Where are my emails stored?

In Switzerland, with the largest and most serious hosting company Infomaniak. Suremail has no access to your messages or your account. He can only delete or suspend it, or reset your password.

Is it PUSH compatible?

IMAP is not PUSH compatible. But the current version of IMAP works in such a way as to give the same result. If your device or application is compatible, you will receive a new email as soon as it arrives.

Can I add aliases?

Aliases can be obtained and configured as separate accounts for sending messages. But in this case, all messages arrive in the same account.

For example, firtname.name@suremail.eu could arrive on the same account as firstname.n@suremail.eu.

The rate for an alias is EUR 12.00/year subject to availability.

The request is made via our support: the price of each alias is automatically added to your annual subscription, and it is invoiced immediately on a pro-rata basis for the remaining duration.

Which address can I use?

The accepted forms are:

  • firstname.lastname – jean-daniel.smith@suremail.eu
  • surname.firstname – smith.jean-daniel@suremail.eu
  • p.name – j-d.smith@suremail.eu
  • n.firstname – s.jean-daniel@suremail.eu
  • firname – jeasmith@suremail.eu
  • namfir – smijea@suremail.eu

Other requests will be accepted subject to availability and different clauses.
We reserve the right to refuse any other request without reason.

In the event of a refusal, you will have to accept another proposal or provide one that will be accepted. A refusal does not authorize a full refund if it is obvious that it was not going to be accepted.

For example, newsletters, spam, ads, news, webmasters, or any other such address cannot of course be given to you.

Similarly, company or brand names cannot be accepted. If you are a company and would like an @suremail.eu email address, please contact our support.

Can I change my address?

It is quite possible to change your address, but there are several reservations:

  • The desired new address is available
  • The change makes sense and is not due to a blocking of your account due to a fault on your part
  • You agree that messages sent to the old address will be lost, as they will not be forwarded
  • A change of address implies the immediate deactivation of the old one. You keep the same billing cycle.

If you wish to keep both accounts, even for a limited time, you will have to order and pay for the new one. The grace period applies anyway.

To change your address, you must contact our support team in writing.

Data protection and privacy

Payments are made exclusively by our service provider, and in a secure manner.

We do not store any information on our site.

We cannot see your credit card number, except your email address, card type, expiration date and the last 2 or 4 digits. This information is not stored with us and is only accessible to us through our service provider. They are used to identify a payment in the event of a refund or modification.

We also receive your email address provided when you place your order, so that we can provide you with the registration procedure and all billing information. Make sure that this address remains valid.

Again, we do not store your email address. It is part of your billing account and therefore remains completely secure with our service provider.


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