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I have been using this email for a while, I have all my archives easily accessible, I don’t have to worry about whether or not to receive a message because of attachments, and most importantly, I have almost no spam and never any viruses.

Karine Z.

After incessant hacking and problems, I lost my gmail account, all my emails, all my address book, and impossible to recover my account. It now belongs to someone else, who still sends messages to my contacts today, sometimes with personal photos.

I turned to another solution, and it convinced me very quickly. Getting out of gratuity finally gave me back my confidence, and the absence of limits made my life easier. And not seeing any more advertising on my webmail is a delight.

Stéphane M.

Never a problem, ultra fast, works as a push (it seems)… the spam filter works very well, and people love it when I give them my email address xxx@suremail.eu !

D. B.